Fmykey outfits

#Hashtags on my tee!

Since I’m posting my outfits on Fmykey, I realize how often I go for a black meets white look. Yesterday was one of those days, once again. Even though it was raining all day long, the temperatures were high enough for easy-going shorts. High waist shorts are hitting an all-time high. Yes, we’re raising our … Continue reading

Fmykey outfits

Festival Fringe

Designers had a field day with fringe, luxing up their spring collections with all sorts of the fringy stuff. Even though, I’ve worn (and I guess lots of us) fringes for years now,A/W 2014-2015 collections were all about funky fringe. Perfect for a festival but even when want to make my outfit a little more … Continue reading

Fmykey outfits

Back with black!

Wauw, temps are reaching the Africa-standard down here in Enschede. I can’t live without the beauty of the sun but the first thing I am going to buy is definitely an airco instead of clothes. Yesterday I went to some sweet shops in Enschede-town to buy my last holiday essentials. Afterwards we took some shots! … Continue reading

Fmykey outfits


Tooooo much deadlines and too little time for anything else. That’s what the past month looked like but now.. it’s time for moi holiday! A great time is ahead of me. Mallorca, Sziget and Solar (a great Dutch festival) are all part of the planning, enough reasons to buy even more summer clothes, not? July … Continue reading


Relaunch Sapph

Yesterday I went to the relaunch of Sapph with Sanne Wassens, with whom I’ve done this shoot. And.. we had a great night! Our VIP invitation meant we were chilling front-row next to BN’ers like Nicolette van Dam, Marianne Verkerk, Valerio, Geza Weisz, Viktoria Koblenko and much more beautiful dutch people. Let’s don’t talk about the … Continue reading